Writing Group Sunday!

joker writingIt’s THAT day again! I really do enjoy my writing group Sundays. It’s always such a boost to go and be with people who have to write, people who have such wonderful stories to share with the world.

One of the best things about our group is that we are a pretty diverse herd. We have our resident poet (me) although there are others who write poems as well. We have a paranormal romance writer, a historical fiction writer, a sci-fi/fantasy writer, a faith-based writer, a young adult writer, a literary writer, and even a comic artist. The critiques coming from such a diverse group is always helpful, and sometimes challenging. We go by the rule of three: if three of us say the same thing or have a problem with something written then we pay attention to that critique. It helps and stops everyone from rewrites that might not be helpful if you listen to everyone’s different opinions.

What I take away from group is energy and excitement, inspiration, and a desire to go back the next week. Since our group only meets every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, this is hard to be patient with. I personally wouldn’t mind meeting once a week because it helps keep me accountable and on task. But, you know, everyone has different schedules and lives, and it would be hard for everyone to get together more often as one circle. Although if the group keeps growing we could conceivably have meetings more often. That would be nice.

If you are a new writer, or even one just getting started late in life, I highly suggest looking up writing groups in your area and visiting it. If you don’t feel connected with the group, find another one, but get plugged in to a group. You won’t believe the satisfaction you get from it. And the support you receive is wonderful. Even if someone in your group says your character reads as if she’s insane, you understand that it’s just a comment to help you grow as a writer. Or maybe the reader just doesn’t like your genre of writing and so, finds it hard to get into the story. It’s not a jab at you personally. Find it amusing if no one else but the one person says that, and hey, we’re all adults and it’s not about us…it’s about the story and getting it out there.

Do you go to a writing group/circle? What are the people in your group like? What do you take away from the meetings? Feel free to chime up and tell me in the comments.

Well, I am off to go shower and get myself to group. Happy Sunday, Lunatics!

xo Jesi