Writing Cinematically

OctPoWriMo Day 2-write cinematically.

An interesting concept for me. Pick your favorite movie or video, mute it and pay close attention to a scene. Then write a poem in that way. Truth is, I’m not certain I have a favorite movie. I honestly cannot come up with my favorite. There are so many that I love and a few that I watch over and over again. So what to do?

I chose to write about a particular scene that moved me recently. Sir Ian McKellen is one of his generation’s finest actors, and I recently watched his 2008 performance of King Lear. There is nothing about that version that did not move me really, but his end performance with Romola Garai had me sobbing terribly. So I wrote my poem about that. I wanted to get into Lear at that moment. What thoughts might have gone through his head in his grief, the ones he thought of and the ones he voiced aloud? I do not claim to have done any kind of justice to this. Sir Ian McKellen’s performance was fantastic and I encourage you to watch it.

xo Jesi


What Comes of a Dragon’s Wrath

By Jesi Scott


Here is her body in my arms,

Soft, hair smelling of the wind and the grass,

Her arms limp as I carry her

And lay her gently down to sleep.

My lovely one,

So kind and tender her care of me

When all others drove me mad,

Left me to die with fools for friends.

But her love brought her back to me

After I sent her away,

And she found me and saved me from mortal hell.

Now to kiss her forehead one last time,

Undo the button at her swelling, purpling neck;

-she’s gone forever!

she’s dead as earth-

Now to lie beside her lifeless body here

On the cold, hard bed I made

And follow her into that endless night.