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Who Really Was The Wolf?

Have a new poem for you today. Enjoy!

xo Jesi


Brother Pig & the Wolf

By Jessica Scott


There was a little pig

built his house of bricks

because he thought others stupid

for building with straw and sticks.


“That won’t keep the wolf out

when he comes to call.

He will blow your house down,

he’ll eat you bones and all.


He’s vicious and he’s mean,

you would even say he’s cruel.

He’ll fry you up with toast and eggs

and eat you with his gruel.”


The others, they just laughed and played,

and went their merry way.

They built their homes the way they liked,

and good advice held no sway.


Then, one day, the wolf came by

and knocked upon their doors,

and said the words we know so well

as the pigs lay huddled on their floors.


“Little pigs, little pigs,

let me come in.”

“Not by the hairs

on our chinny chin chins.”


And the wolf huffed and puffed,

he blew their houses down.

Out the back door they all went squealing

where Brother Pig lived safe and sound.


“Brother Pig, Brother Pig

You win, you win!

You were right, we were wrong,

please let us come within!”


So Brother Pig unlocked his door

smiling all the while.

Of course he was right, he knew it all along,

he’d seen this coming for a mile.


And there they all stayed

while the wolf made his rounds.

They heard the sound of his huffing breath

like a tornado hitting the ground.


Then a knock came on the door,

and they knew the wolf was there.

But Brother Pig was ready,

he knew he had to beware.


“Little Pig, Little Pig

let me come in!”

“Go back where you came from, Wolf,

Before a hunter comes for your skin!”


“No. Please listen…

you don’t understand.

My wife and children are starving,

Back in my homeland.


All I’m asking for

Is just a little grace.

A loaf of bread, or an extra blanket

that I can take back to my place.”


But Brother Pig was not fooled.

He turned the wolf away.

He kept the door locked up tight,

until the sun rose the very next day.


He ventured out to see the town,

to make sure things were alright.

But there in his path along the way

was the wolf, who had died in the night.


Brother Pig looked him over

but what he saw brought tears to his eye-

ragged fur with patches thinned,

glazed eyes looking up at the sky.


He held a picture in his paw

Of the ones he held so dear.

There was nothing vicious in their smiles.

Suddenly, it was all so clear.


“How could I be so wrong?

How could I be so blind.

I let fear rule my heart,

I let it rule my mind.


I didn’t see the truth

that lay beyond my nose.

I didn’t have compassion

for the least of those.”


So, let this be a lesson to us,

we who sit behind brick walls-

You never know if that knock on the door

is love’s opportunity making its calls.

Jesi Scott is an aspiring writer of novels, a poet, and blogger. She has guest-blogged over at The Well-Tempered Bards, and has a post featured at For Love Of…. Jesi has two poems published in Memories of Mist, a literary anthology, and one published story in a newsletter. She is currently working on releasing her first poetry collection as well as writing her first novel. When not writing, Jesi can be found getting lost in bookstores, singing and dancing around the house, experiencing culture with friends, and generally having fun with her four sons when they aren’t driving her weeping into her closet, which she calls her Padded Cell. She loves to rescue stray bookmarks, as well as books, and has opened her heart to any and all stories needing a home. Archery is her current favorite thing ever but you might want to stand back a little as she still has a tendency to drop the bow occasionally.


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