When The Wrong Road Ends Up Being Right

Today’s OctPo prompt put an ironic smirk on my face this morning. The title and ending for my poem yesterday I took from Frost’s famous poem. And today we’re supposed to write about that other road-the one we took that made all the difference. Interesting.

I didn’t do that specifically. Somehow we’ve come to think of the road not taken as the hard way. Really, if you’ ve paid attention to the poem, Frost says it’s just as fair and has been worn about the same as the other. In fact, neither road had even been walked upon at the time the narrator had come across them. Interesting, don’t you think, in relation to decisions?

What makes one decision better than another? Really, aren’t they about the same, only different in consequences? What makes the difference?

You do. Your experiences and your choices, past, present, future are what make the difference.

Personally, I never take the easy way. Call it a wild hair, call it insanity, if something is easy then I find a way to make it challenging because I don’t trust “easy.” I’m more than familiar with having people question my decisions and telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh, how well I know that phrase. More often than not, if I go with my own instincts, I find that my intuition was spot on. I’m underestimated often.

I started out trying to write about one of my less traveled roads but the poem kept wanting to go its own way. I tried fighting it but nothing was working. So, I stopped and took stock and realized my subconscious was trying to tell me something. Sometimes, the road less traveled means simply giving in, which can be agonizing. I gave the poem over to itself and I hope you like the results. Personally, I’m not sure of it myself, whether it works and makes sense. But the poem is writ, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters. Its voice has been heard.

It’s a villanelle. Think Dylan Thomas and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

Have a great Wednesday!

xo Jesi



By Jesi Scott


Plans we make rarely come to fruition.

Would that we had another chance-

More opportunities to pursue our ambition.


Sometimes, though, there are other decisions,

Other steps we take in life’s dance-

Plans we make rarely come to fruition.


We don’t always receive our destined cognition,

Or know our way in advance-

More opportunities to pursue our ambition.


Not everyone agrees with our intuition;

They gaze at us with views askance-

Plans we make rarely come to fruition.


Therefore we must give ourselves permission

And take a defiant stance-

More opportunities to pursue our ambition.


Now stand and receive their surprised recognition

And grant them forgiveness, perchance?

Plans we make rarely come to fruition.

More opportunities to pursue our ambition.