What’s New With You?

So, there’s absolutely nothing new here today. I thought there’d be something to talk about as the day wore on but the most interesting thing today has been me having to bottle-feed a newborn kitten who isn’t adjusting well. However, I did take the tornado out to lunch and to the park today. See:

He was very happy today. As I said in my Twitter post about it, tornadoes like the outdoors best. He did. He met an older woman, too. She was all of 4 years old and had an awesome imagination. Her name was Judah and she was adorable, as was her baby sister who the tornado refused to go near. As for me, I got to slide and crawl through tunnels and chase after the tornado. Who needs a run after that? Oh yeah, I do. Darn. By the way, don’t you just love the tornado’s shirt? Every time I see it, I smile and say “Shark Bait, hoo ha ha!” Can’t help it. I love Finding Nemo. “And I shall name him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy.” Dory is my fave!

So, that’s what’s happened today. The only other thing is I am looking at preparing some poems to send off to a couple of places to see if they’ll be printed. I’m looking at Literature Latté and Arc Poetry Magazine. I won’t hear from them for 3-6 months but if they accept my work then that will be something. Keep your fingers crossed. Both accept unpublished poets and I’d love to have something to write in a bio other than “Lives in Texas and currently blogs at…” Tonight I’m thinking I’ll watch a movie and work on another story for Camp NaNo. (Is it just me or do you keep wanting to say Nanoo Nanoo when you read that? Ye gods, that shows my age, doesn’t it? But Mork & Mindy was one of my favorite shows when I was little.) Robin Williams is still The Man!

Alright, mes les déments, I’m done rambling. Back to your lives. There’s definitely nothing to see here tonight! Have a good one. Oh, did you see the counter? 3 days left (well, 2 now) till my run. Ye gods!


xo Jess