What Happened To My Weekend?

Apparently, the Universe was not done with making sure I knew my place, because it decided I did not need a quiet weekend. Friday night I went to see the movie, Noah. Good movie, incredible visuals, interesting storyline and loved the take on it. BUT lots of artistic license taken. It is not true to the Genesis story so if you don’t like that idea, don’t go see it. I thought all of the actors were wonderful, though I do think it’s rather hard to act an experience that you have not been through yet. It’s hard to know that pain if you have never undergone it. I also think that the timline was hard to understand as it switched too quickly without any clear definition, i.e. Japheth aging, etc. After the movie, which was a late showing, I ended up so wired that I stayed up until 5 a.m. working on one of the three stories. I ended up writing a total of 5,000 words including a new poem which is now the beginning of the story. I am happy with that.

Saturday began with me getting only three hours of sleep. I had to go run errands early, which ended up with me buying the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned. I bought my first real pair of running shoes. They better be worth it because I am still trying to convince myself that I do not need them. My feet better be happy with them. I also spent the best $14 ever on a medium size box of books that I bought at my public library’s book sale (Support your local library!). Later that afternoon I took my oldest son, who was spending the weekend with me, to a fundraiser he was helping his school put on. I laughed while he had to put on a mattress costume and try to pull people in to the fundraiser. It was good for him. Helps build character, and teaches him how to laugh at himself. And I got to see it. Completely worth it. While he was doing that, I went to a very good restaurant called Fat Daddy’s where they have the best Cilantro Ranch Salad with Grilled Shrimp. ¬†Then we came home and I spent the night watching The Hunger Games. By that time, my brain was so fried that at soon as I got the 2 yr-old tornado to sleep I went to bed as well.

Then this morning, I was awake at 4 a.m. which means my staying up the night before didn’t have any effect on that whatsoever. But luckily I managed to force myself to go back to sleep this time. Unfortunately, it was only for three hours as I had to get up and get ready to go meet some friends about 20 minutes away from my house, because they wanted to go to the gun range, and they ran late. (By the way, this was only the third time I have ever shot a gun and I am still not comfortable with it. Not all native Texans like guns, but I’d rather have the knowledge if the need ever presents itself-however I am completely pro-Tazer and mace. Snakes however, yeah, I’m running the opposite direction-my favorite line in Noah was Jennifer Connelly’s- she asked if the snakes were coming as well. I felt her pain.) I actually found the nerve to shoot a 9mm carbine-not going to try and describe, go look it up-and it was fun as heck! We were shooting at a paper target and my first try wasn’t too bad as I kept the shots mostly centered in the same area inside the target. My last set were mostly dead center. Not sure exactly how to feel about it other than it was really fun but I am still not a gun person. I am really wanting to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, as I have always been a Robin Hood fan. I don’t know, archery just feels more civilized somehow. Plus, its nowhere near as LOUD. Anyway, we went to lunch afterwards and then I went home. I thought I’d be able to take a nap but when I walked in the door I knew something wasn’t right. My kids decided to tear my house apart. Honestly, it looked as if it had indeed been hit by a tornado. There were dishes everywhere and toys and clothes and blankets and pillows, and I’m still not sure what was on the kitchen floor but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know. I spent the next few hours making them clean up the worst of it, then I went in and did the detail things I’m sort of neurotic about like wiping off counters, mopping the floors, and turning on the dishwasher because, you know, I like clean dishes. I’m just weird like that. After that, I very readily drove my oldest back to his dad’s because he apparently was the ring leader of fun and messes, and then I came home, made dinner, and got everyone to bed. Somehow I also managed four loads of laundry and I’ve written five decent poems, and this post. My day is done, y’all. I am going to post this off to you and call it a night. Honestly, I swear I am never claiming I have a boring life again!

Tomorrow is Monday and I’ve several new poems ready. I can’t wait. Sleep sweet everyone!

xo Jess