What Do You Think?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well, Lunatics, what do you think of the new look? I’ve been working hard to get everything working correctly and looking how I want it to look. I love the casual-ness of it. Post-Its, spirals, pens…all these things that writers use. I thought it was a neat idea.

Anyway, I hope you are getting used to it. I know I am still won over by the novelty of it. At some point down the road I know I’ll want a more polished, professional look but for now, this works for me.

Yesterday, Jack, the Tornado, and I spent the afternoon over at my friend Amber’s (For Love Of blog author) house. The kids went swimming, she made them grilled cheese, then my kids played with her kids while she and I got to talk about books and writing and what-not. It was wonderful, thank you Amber, and definitely needs to be done again. I know Jack had a blast, and the Tornado kept trying to get me to put his shoes back on him and take him back over after dinner yesterday.

Nothing much else has been happening around here, really. Friday afternoon I have plans to take the boys to go see the new Transformers movie, then I’ll be heading over to CJ’s (from DYSB Writing) house to spend an evening with my other friends, the Evil Enablers. Ok, they aren’t really evil, but they definitely enable. And they all get a kick out of being called evil. I love them; they make me smile all the time.

Then, as far as I know it should be a ‘quiet’ weekend. Well, as compared to last weekend anyway. We had a great Fourth of July. We grilled (as most Americans do that day), we ate, and then we went to the park and watched fireworks, which actually turned out more exciting than expected. It turned out that there was a problem with one of the sets of fireworks which caused an interruption in the form of a small grass fire because the fireworks shot out sideways instead of up. Fortunately, no one was nearby at the time and the people running the controls stopped it as quickly as they noticed the problem. The small fire was put out quickly as well, and the fireworks show proceeded back on course. The finale was spectacular and I wish I’d taken my camera. It was jus beautiful. The Tornado doesn’t remember fireworks and he was entranced at the whole show. He had a blast if no one else did.

So, how was your Fourth of July?

Well, I must get back to work but I hope your Wednesday is great!

xo Jesi