To Write Love On Their Arms

Day 5 prompt-Love


Poem inspired by this:


Today’s Poem:


False Alarms

By Jesi Scott

It begins with one step…
                                    He moves towards her
            She steps back                                               then leans in cautiously
lets Him take Her hand                       His hand on Her waist
movements slow,        guarded           tentative          taking one another’s measures
they connect                                       the music picks up                              and they begin to
                        correlate                                  their steps                    correspond
their bodies                              sync                                        in rhythm         connected
                                                            passion mutually directed
            towards each other                                                                 minor flaws corrected
one misstep                                                     breaks the spell
                        He falters                                                                    She trips
                                                feet become tangled in miscalculation
She tries to keep going
                                                                                                                        He pulls away
                        He can’t feel the music
                                                                                                She can’t remember the steps
            They’re lost in misinterpretation
So She backs away                one                  foot                  at         a          time
And He backs away               one                  foot                  at         a          time

The music stops.



**Title taken from this Josh Groban song