Throwback Thursday…On A Monday!!

Apparently, I have a complete disregard for social rules as I am going to do something shocking. I am declaring it Throwback Thursday. I know, I know…it’s Monday. But I like Thursdays…they come before Fridays and means the week is almost done. Besides, I am feeling retro today. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you are missing the throwback videos I’m tweeting. You should follow me. Yeah, go do that. I can wait. Go forth, my pretty ones. Well, go…

Okay, come back now.

There you are. So, I thought I’d share a retro poem today (I wrote it in 1999) and dedicate it to my blog friend, Helena. Not that I think it will help but maybe it will. One can always hope. And, failing all else, breathe. And remember, sometimes all you can do is just let it rain.


And the Rain Still Falls

by Jesi Scott


Through my tears I hear a sound

Meant for me alone.

Faintly at first,

Then growing nearer.

The darkness that enfolds me

Is but a faint echo

Of the torment my soul hides.

The night closes in on me,

Accepting me,

Sheltering me.

Closer now,


The beating of drums.

Or is it my heart,

Long dead inside this shell

Called a body?


And still the rain falls

Around this empty soul

And what the rain hides

Remains a mystery.

For who knows

When the sun will shine again

On this darkening land?

Who knows when

The light will fill this beating heart

Just barely alive

Inside this body.


And the autumn forest

Hides all with its deadening leaves,

Covering the earth

With a blanket of mist.

And yet, a lone voice can be heard

Through the stillness.

The sweetness of its sound

Wails through the trees

And fills the void.


A shadow of what it once was,

The forest comes alive

With the dawning of a new day.

But the soul that hides inside its shell

Folds deeper inside the darkness.

The sound I hear still beats,

And I am still cold,

And the rain still falls.