There Is Magic in Synchronicity

4268310_origHi everyone! Tomorrow is going to be a full day for me so I’m getting my post in early, and I’m just going to jump right into it. Today’s challenge and prompt is to write about magic and synchronicity. Again, it’s like these prompts are just striking the heart of my life this past year. Which is a perfect example of today’s challenge actually. Coincidences, accidents, synchronicty, magic. What do you believe in?

I believe in magic, but not the casting spells kind as in the movies, though wouldn’t it be a more interesting world if that kind did exist? No, I believe in everyday magic. Things that your heart knows as true while your mind says ‘lie’ and looks for the proof. Like when you think of a certain person and the radio that you hadn’t been paying attention to suddenly plays a song important between you and that person. Like when you are alone in a room and you smell the scent you associated with a loved one before they passed away. When you dream of something and it happens. I believe in connections, and the magic of a kiss. I believe in the impossible. I don’t believe in coincidence. I don’t believe in accidents (except the scratch-your-knee kind). I believe in synchronicty, that there is a reason behind every thing. I have seen too many instances in my own life of this kind of truth. And in my poem for today, I tell you about one of those times. I’m also going to share two poems I wrote earlier this year. One is about a kiss and the other is of a deeper magic. I hope you enjoy all three.

Happy weekend everyone!

xo Jesi














By Jessica Scott

If he hadn’t died,

I would never have signed up.

If I hadn’t signed up,

I would never have begun to train.

If I hadn’t begun to train,

I would never have needed to buy the bottled water.

If I hadn’t needed to buy the bottled water,

I would never have had to go to the market.

If I hadn’t gone to the market,

I would never have run into my friend.

If I hadn’t run into my friend,

She would never have asked me to go.

If she hadn’t asked me to go,

I would never have joined.

If I hadn’t joined,

I would never have met those new people.

If I hadn’t met those new people,

I would never have been encouraged.

If I hadn’t been encouraged,

I would never have gained the confidence.

If I hadn’t gained the confidence,

I would never have believed.

If I hadn’t believed,

You would not be reading this today.


Eclipse (The Kiss)

by Jessica Scott


He kisses her for the first time,

And a sigh escapes from her lips.

The fire of a thousand suns burns in his veins

As his lips touch hers,

Cool as silk, soft as rose petals.

And he pours his fire into her,

And she cools his burn,

Slakes his thirst,

As he ignites her own.

Back and forth they return

Fire for ice,

Ice for fire,

Until forced to breathe,

They break apart.



By Jessica Scott

And so you are, and I am,

And we are one whole

Of a larger part of a vastness

We cannot fathom.

Stronger together,

Like many sticks

Tied and bound;

We cannot be broken.

We spin around each other,

Bodies in sync,

Our rhythm-

The drumbeat of the universe.

And when you breathe in,

I exhale;

Your heart beat

Becomes mine.

Your face, my sun.

My love, your soul;

A union

Of two celestial beings.

We dance as the night goes on.