There Are Girls In My House

There Are Girls In My House

My best friend, Laura, and her brood plus one friend, are visiting from Chicago. That means I have five extra people in my house. That also means I am not outnumbered now. There are a total of five females here, and my boys are happy about this. Every single one of them would love to have a sister. Even though they have to put up with me. Either I’m not that fearsome or I have them completely deluded about girls. But the look I just got from my eldest when I asked him if he wanted to come with all of us girls to the mall? Priceless. (Guess who is NOT going to the mall 😉 )

So, today I am taking them to The Galleria and Sam Moon in Dallas because Glitter-Sparkle Central and GIRLS. (Yes, I know not all girls like glitter-sparkle but these do.) And then tomorrow, water park, Imagine Dragons concert, and the West End. (Pet Shop Boys just started playing in my head.) I have no idea what the plan is for Saturday other than the adults going to a soccer game and then The Londoner. Last night, the adults all went to Silver Dollar Winery where we had glasses of the Los Pinos Vermintino (a loverly white wine with orange blossom, pineapple, and violets), a cheese plate that included port-infused cheese (so delicious), and we tried scoops of all of their wine-infused ice creams (my top three: red raspberry chardonnay, chocolate cabernat, and spice-riesling was a close one though). I highly suggest going and checking them out if you are in the Bedford, Texas area. Finally, on Sunday, I have a Mad Hatter unbridal bridal shower to go to. I may need a vacation after this. LOL

If you don’t hear from me, just know that I am out living life with my bestie and I will be back at some point. I have to because I am busy putting together a submission for Hasty Words on how to #BeReal.

Have a great week if you don’t hear from me before then.

xo Jesi



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