The Words Were In My Favor But…

It’s Day 4 so how about a very quick NaNo update? I got started a day late and as of yesterday morning I was still a day behind. But lots of words can happen in a day, and they did. Not only did I get caught up, I went over by a third of what I need to write today! I know, right?!?! And hopefully things will continue to go well this week so I don’t get behind again. *knock on wood*

Once I get my words written for today I plan on going back and reworking a few of my character sketches. Yesterday was a great day not only for words but for ideas and solutions as well. When I started writing Monday, I had vague ideas of who some of my characters were. You see, we had only just introduced ourselves and, as with any new relationships, we’re still getting to know each other. Personally, my favorite character is one I instantly connected with, Aunt Genie. I hope readers will like her. She’s a spontaneous, cheerful soul and she makes me smile whenever it’s her turn to take the spotlight.

Now that I’ve caught up word-wise I can go back and begin organizing my Story Bible. I have character sketches to finish filling out (some I have to begin since they made their introductions yesterday), and I have an outline in progress. I’m still brainstorming ideas for scenes but some I’m only coming up with as I write. But it’s all good. It gets the words on the page and that’s the whole point. Yes?

One of the things I still find hard after two years is not editing as I go. It’s easier this year so I have hopes that at some point my inner perfectionist will finally let go of her writing OCD tendencies. However, I still find her sneaking in a word change here and there or tweaking a sentence somewhere, but for the most part she’s behaving herself. It’s driving her crazy but she is leaving things alone for the most part. And let me tell you, after skimming through to pick back up on the mood of the story it is a very rough draft. I will not be sharing this with my writing group for a critique until after first edits have happened. Inner Perfectionist is curled up in a corner breathing into a brown paper bag, that’s how rough it is. Of course, I’m Texan with some close Irish roots on one side of the family and the exaggeration is strong with us. So understand that it *may* not be as bad as Inner Perfectionist and I think it is.

Ok. So that’s the NaNo update. Here’s a life update. I would like to know from anyone who knows: is Mercury in retrgrade again? I ask this because Hades has apparently unleashed Pain and Panic and they are running rampant in my house. Get this, these are all the Things that have happened since this weekend:

Saturday: major family emergency with Big Son plus Halloween, refrigerator apparently calls in sick but no one gets the memo.

Sunday: find the refrigerator’s message puddled all over kitchen floor, The Niece comes for a visit so I can teach her how to knit a sweater, and I miss my first day of NaNo writing

Monday: refrigerator still not working, find out Teenoddler (my teen son who has been acting like a disgruntled toddler recently) is about to fail his AP History class so have to restrict his computer time and that leads to a huge hormonal hurricane hitting my house, and discovery of at least seven hidden treat wrappers behind a chair as I was cleaning because my Jack In The Box (next to youngest son) has been sneaking lunch box treats. Sigh. Any wonder I wasn’t able to get caught up with NaNo writing this day?

Tuesday: still no refrigerator but diagnosticians called and scheduled to come out…Thursday. Thank goodness for the garage refrigerator which cools but makes no ice. Kids all act like, well, nice kids. Get almost completely caught up on NaNo word count but have to stop to attend a marching band parent meeting after which my wonderful hybrid Prius decides to NOT switch out of neutral. Thank goodness for other band parents and that I live only a little over a mile away. Stay up late and not only meet daily word count goal but go over a bit so I’m caught up.

I’m pretty sure someone should call Mercury and tell it to pick on someone else.

Can you blame me for cheating today and putting up an older poem? I may have shared this once before so if anyone recognizes it I hope you liked it the first time and will enjoy a second reading. I wrote this one in 1993 from a dream I had of a Native American warrior waiting for the chief’s daughter to meet him in the dead of night and so make their escape to live life on their terms. Let’s just say I have interesting dreams. Also, for some reason, the formatting isn’t working correctly. It should be 2- four line stanzas, then a chorus, repeat, with one nine line extended chorus in the middle.

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday and to my fellow NaNoers, keep it going!

xo Jesi


Shadowed Love

By Jesi Scott

Moon above the star-filled sky,

Fireflies come dancing by,

Upon the cliff, a lone wolf cries,

As the sunlight slowly dies.

You patiently wait by the lake,

So long, the time seems to take,

Until she comes to you, awake,

And a life together you will make.

We’ve had to make the shadows ours,

In dreams, our love has grown;

It knew no bounds or limits, no hours,

We’ve made this love our own.

The mist rolls in surrounding you,

Worry fills your eyes of blue,

As the wolf cries, your heart does, too,

Echoing his song so true.

You watch the fire as your heartbeat pounds,

An endless silence is all around;

You strain to hear the smallest sound

Or feel a tremor run through the ground.

We’ve had to make the shadows ours,

In dreams our love has grown,

It knew no bounds or limits, no hours,

We’ve made this love our own.

Over the earth it seemed to tower,

Growing in strength and power,

We’ve stood tall,

Withstanding all,

Together through life’s showers.

You keep your lonely vigil of the night,

Until you see her all in white,

You cry her name with all your might,

Upon her breast she holds you tight.

The stars shine down from a moon-filled sky,

Fireflies no more drift by,

Two hearts no longer need to cry,

Because their love will never die.

We’ve had to make the shadows ours

In dreams our love has grown

It knows no bounds, no limits, no hours,

We’ve made this love our own.