The Texas Blizzard

Yes, you read that title correctly. Not that it was an actual blizzard but last night North Central Texas was pounded with sleet and heavy snows. Within 30 minutes we went from sleet to a half inch of powdery white stuff. It really did look like someone had put frosting all over everything and then sprinkled shredded coconut on it. It was absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited about it that I stayed up late just watching the snow fall. I don’t know why but watching snow fall makes me happy. Yep, that’s me, the Snow Queen.

I went outside when it first started coming down and within five minutes I was covered from head to foot. I looked like a live snowman. After I went inside, I looked back out and saw that within minutes the tracks I had left on my sidewalk had filled completely. Eventually, I did go to bed and fall asleep but I was awake only a few hours later to watch the snow again. We really don’t get snow like this here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When we do it’s gone the next day, usually. So, I truly delight in the experience. I mean, really, I don’t have as many snowfalls left in my life to watch, and they make me so deliciously happy. And this is Tornado’s first heavy snowfall. He got to build his first snowman and all. So, here are some pics from last night and today. And yes, there is still plenty of snow left but it’s melting fast.

I hope your Thursday has been as fun as ours has been

xo Jesi

snow7 snow6 snow5 snow4 snow3 snow2 snow1