The Tea Thief: Who Really Did it

The Tea Thief: Who Really Did it

My favorite commercials right now are the Jaguar Good To Be Bad villain advertisements. I am completely charmed by them. Although, I would seriously like to see Jeremy Irons in one, as well as Michael Ironside. I know he’s not British (he’s Canadien), but wouldn’t that be a fantastic commercial to see, a North American villain against a British villain? (Big hint there Jaguar!) And he’s SUCH a wonderful bad guy! What does this have to do with today’s post though?

Well, I have a bit of fun for you today, inspired by Tornado actually. I was having my morning cup of tea when I had to get up and attend Miss DriesMore (remember her? she arrived 2 days ago). On my way to help her, Tornado passed by me on his way to the table. I had a sneaking suspicion that all was not well in Denmark at the time, so I turned around and crept quietly back to the dining room, making sure Tornado did not see me. I watched as he climbed up in the chair I had recently vacated and proceeded to look around to see if he was being watched. He didn’t see me, thankfully. He then snatched my cup from it’s place on the table and put it to his lips only to pull it away and peer inside. It was empty. His face went from chagrin to admiration to sly rumination. You could almost literally see the cogs turning in his brain. I don’t know what he has planned for me later, but you can bet this is not the last time I will catch him trying to steal my tea. It brought to mind Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, as well as the Jaguar commercials. And I was inspired. So I have a poem for you today along with some pics of some fantastic baddies! And, really, who doesn’t like a good villain?

Have a GREAT Thursday!

xo Jesi

P.S. And those of you going to see Mockingjay tonight, no spoilers! I have to wait to see it.


How Villains Are Made (It’s All About the Tea)

By Jessica Scott



I get up and leaveonly_the_best_baddies_by_disneyfreak19-d4z6rnr

The unattended cup within easy reach,

Vulnerable to the evil forces

That lurk just beyond the table’s edge.



He waits, and watches,

Patient as the trees outside the window,

Until he sees his waiting come to fruition,

As the cup sits silent and calm, and alone.


Then he sneaks up ever so quietlyBond Villians 1

And snatches the handle before the cup

Can squeak a protest

To alert me to the crime in progress.



Yet, unbeknownst to the dastardly villain,

I have watched the entire scene

And have to smile as he looks into the cup

And realizes that someone has been there before him…

…And drank every last drop.


Respect for the adversary that daredJag villains

To snatch away the creamy, golden prize,

Crosses his face as he acknowledges his defeat.


And you can hear the words in the air:

“Until next we meet, my Friend.”


Until next we meet.

Hidden away I smile in anticipation.

Oh, yes. It’s good to be bad.


3 Replies to “The Tea Thief: Who Really Did it”

  1. I love this!
    For a second I thought Tornado was your cat and was bewildered, and then I thought… it must be your youngest?
    So how are Sir John and Miss DriesMore getting along so far? 🙂

    1. ROFL! I’m so sorry for the confusion. Yes, it is my youngest, the 3 yr old. He is a force of nature. He doesn’t always leave a wake of destrution behind him but when he does, he does it well. 😉
      As for Sir John and Miss DriesMore…if you’ve watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, just know it’s a lot like the scene with Lumiere and the feather duster. Every so often I swear I can hear her say (in a French accent no less) “oh no, no, no!” And Sir John saying “Oh yes, yes, yes!”

      1. Oh Yes, yes, yes!

        I don’t recall that scene. Must not have watched the movie intently enough. I’ll have to remedy this 🙂

        I can totally picture the sort of tornado you’re referring to, I’ve had my own 🙂

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