The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real

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The Poet’s Struggle

By Jesi Scott


Long have the words lived in my brain

To describe, emote, explain

The very moments, feelings, reasons

For what I see and think and experience.


And, sadly, they can never quite

Reach the fullness of these scraps of life

That creep past or fly by…

These flashes of colors by which we

Remember, ignore, embrace

The events that create a future “us”,

Or, maybe, a fuller individual…

A much muchier “we”.


Still, the words live and buzz around inside

And sometimes find a way out

To live in ink, all the while hoping

They will be heard, understood,

Passed along,

To live in someone else’s soul.

19 Replies to “The Struggle Is Real”

    1. Aww…shucks. 😉

      I’m starting to get that feeling. I think I may do OctPoWriMo this year. I’ve written three poems (this being the third) and I’m starting to feel the electricity sparking in my veins. I’m hoping the drought may be over. (It’s probably because I dyed my hair back to brown. ROFL)

      1. So, like Samson, your poeting strength is in your hair… My lack of hair could probably explain why I got hooked on haiku then!

        I hope you go for it in Oct. You never know, I may even weigh in too…

        1. Bwahahaha! Yep. My natural blonde just isn’t right for writing. 😉
          And I completely hope you participate. It’s always good practice and fun and how I met some really wonderful people. It’s the reason I even did the NaPoWriMo and met you. 😉

            1. HAHAHAHAHA! Omg…the image is just too funny. Please don’t. I’m sure it only applies to me and my superstitious side. 😉

  1. I always love reading your words. There’s a story boiling up inside of me, but I’m afraid of starting it, of not having the time to work on it regularly, so it stays put and weighs me down. Or maybe it’s not ripe yet and I should wait a little longer… We’ll see 🙂

    I’m trying to see how I can join OctPoWriMo with a private blog. I’m sort of hoping my friends will relay the prompts as I still haven’t gotten any reply to my call for help on their page.

    1. Morgan who is the person who pretty much runs it. She has been having a lot of personal problems this year and is only just now feeling like she’s getting her feet back under her. She did start up a Facebook page for it where you could also post but only if you feel safe enough to do so. I’ll give you the link but don’t feel as if you have to join or anything. It’s only if you feel comfortable doing it. And I’ll send her a message and let her know you need some instruction and help with the web site and see if that helps. Here’s the Facebook link:

      1. I can’t do FB. I need the anonymity (hence the private blog). But I would LOVE to try it this year too.
        I know Morgan had a rough year too. Thank you for reaching out to her on my behalf.

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