The Most Dangerous Thing About Kids

Day 18 poetry prompt:

Today’s prompt we’re going to add a little mystery to our lives. Look around you, whether it’s a physical object or people in general in your life. Chose something or someone and give them a double life.


I decided to have a little Halloween fun with this prompt. Although, with as many toys as I’ve gotten rid of over the years through donations or having to throw away for *various* reasons, maybe I should sleep with one eye open from now on.


xo Jesi


And You Thought Toys Were Safe

By Jesi Scott


Oftentimes I wonder, when all the house is dark,

What are all the little noises that to my ear doth hark?

All those little creaks and groans, the moans and that C-R-I-C-K,

I’m almost certain, though it’s hard to tell, it’s not just the clock’s tick.


I never wander out of bed at night, for I’m certain that if I do

I’ll stumble upon a frightening scene that I don’t want to be true.

All those little noises that keep me in my bed

Are surely my children’s toys coming to take off my head.


So, here I lay under blankets warm, my cat sleeping by my side

At least, he’ll give me warning, unless to them he’s allied.

Then woe is me, oh, woe is me, I’m afraid that I am doomed!

These blankets will my shroud become, my bed will be my tomb.