The Mating Game

It’s cicada season in my backyard, and pretty much everywhere I go. Not just cicadas but frogs too. During the day all I can hear is the whirring, rattling sound of tiny prop engines calling out to each other. At night its the chirruping of frogs in trees or bushes. Obviously, the mating game is afoot.

I don’t mind the frogs so much; their soft croaks aren’t really croaks at all, not even in the sense of it. The sound is more like some sort of loud cricket or night bird. But the cicadas…they have got to stop. It’s bad enough seeing the husks lying around (although once they’ve abandoned it they are rather pretty) but the noise, well, it’s very loud.

I bet you’re thinking “get to the point, already”. Obviously I’m telling you about this for a reason, right? Well, the reason you get to hear about the cicadas is that I titled and based my new poem off of them. That’s right, I’m writing again. Trying to at any rate.

I came to the conclusion that I need to be held accountable for my writing because I really haven’t been doing any. How can I add to my portfolio if I don’t write? So I came up with an idea to start an online writing group to help and I’ve got to start a discussion fairly soon about times and dates for people who said they were interested. I also now have a writing partner/buddy to literally keep me writing at agreed to times. We started last week and on Wednesday I ended up writing three new poems in an hour. I looked up a prompt which was to write about a continuing noise (or the lack thereof) and I didn’t have to go very far. That led to yet a second poem about a more serious subject and that led to the third and final poem in which I needed to release the emotion the second one drew out.

It felt good to be writing again. I also came to the conclusion that I am not going to post as much of my poetry on here so that I can have new material to put in a book. I’ve started going through my poems and am about to begin printing them out to organize them into categories and themes. From there I’ll decide which ones I really want to go into my first compilation, and how I want everything to appear. It feels a little overwhelming but I’m working in small periods so it won’t feel as if it’s too much.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting poetry here. It simply means you’re going to have to buy the book when I finally get it published if you want to read more. Also, I can’t enter contests if poems are published, even if published on a blog. And I’m hoping to be brave enough to do that (contests) as well.

With all that being said, here is one of my latest poems.

Hope you have a great week!

Love,  Jesi

P.S. Keep in mind this is a tongue-in-cheek poem about bugs, ok? 😉 No judgments here!




By Jesi Scott


Loud, whirring

Prop engines

Hanging out in my trees

Calling out their in-heat mating calls like

Prostitutes on the strip, or

Buzzed party-goers

Looking to get laid,

Not caring about anything but

The feel of release,


The climax

Being the waking sun and

The walk of shame,

Getting coffee before they get home where

They bury themselves in grounding work,

At least until the next time


Or until

A month later, maybe two,

And from the many

Calling out their lovestruck cries

One, or two, will discover one missed cycle

And the circle of life continues;

Propagation of the species-

Nature’s way of

Rewarding the irresponsible.