The Last Day for Shared Words

Camel Hump DayHey everyone! Sorry I’m getting this in late. Today has not been an A+ day. In fact, I would be really happy if we could start it over. But…I’m still moving forward, trying to stay positive, and getting things done. So, with that in mind, here we go. It’s the last day of the challenge. How’d we do? Did we learn anything, and what was it if we did?

I wrote the beginnings of a poem this morning but after a medium-ish disaster involving my cat, my laptop, and a computer worm I decided to delete the poem anyway. And, yes, the computer is fine, so is the cat, though she’s not on my favorites list right now, and I wrote a new poem. I have to be completely honest and say my heart just wasn’t in writing today. Today has been my Friday the 13th instead of the 31 (notice all you have to do is just switch those two numbers around?). If it can go wrong, it has. Murphy, you suck lemons. I did come up with something but I’m not quite sure the voice sounds right. Still, I’m sending it out to you as is, rough and raw. I was inspired by a visit with Rumi last night and knew I was in the presence of the master a few moments ago when I saw a picture quote that went along with my poem as well, though I did not know who it was until I enlarged the pic. I hope you enjoy it. And today I am only putting up one other poem as I just don’t have the heart for more. I wish everyone well, and I hope that I see you again soon.

xo Jesi


Shared Words

By Jessica Scott


“A field can bloom in your eyes when sharing words with the right person…

…Find some ears that love the touch of your sound, and you theirs.”


They say experience is the best teacher,

But that’s not why I accepted the thrown down gauntlet.

I wanted to see if I could write, and write well,

Against unknown entities,

And still hold my own.

Faceless names stared at me from the screen

While their words reached inside,

Grabbed hold of my soul which listened to

Voices soft, voices strong,

Strangers no longer.

Friendships formed through words

That touched heart and soul

Giving in, giving sway,

To emotions held in check.

Inspiration blossomed into a field of wildflower words,

Fragrant and sweet.

We joined hands in gratitude

And wonderment

Having succeeded together

Instead of alone,

And so, we have pleased our fickle, but faithful Muse.




By Jessica Scott


Man is a fickle and inconstant thing,

But the steadfast heart constancy brings.

Winter winds howl and blow,

But the devoted heart will loyalty bestow.

Man’s desires change and vary,

But the soul’s longings, the heart does carry.

These aspirations remain firm and true,

Strengthening man’s heart and soul anew.

The virtue with which his deeds declare

The truth and wisdom he does not forbear;

And with knowledge and age man does grow.

The heart and soul become his echo.