The Lake and the Mist

The Lake and the Mist

Guess what!!! It’s Day One of OctPoWriMo and I’m so excited. It’s finally here! Yay!!!!


So let’s get on with it.

Today’s prompt was clouds. We could free write for ten minutes or do an acrostic or write about our first memories, etc, about clouds. Hehe…yeah, ever the rebel, I decided to tell a story. Hope you like it.

xo Jesi



The Lake and the Mist

By Jesi Scott


There was a little lake that looked up at the sky

And gazed at all the clouds that lazily floated by.

“I wish I could be a cloud and look down at the earth,”

The little lake did dream for all that it was worth.

It thought of all the things that it would do and see,

A cloud was something wonderful and lovely as could be.

And so one day the little lake did ask the sun and moon

If in their power they could grant this one simple boon.

“Little lake, you do not know, how wonderful you are,

Or how the clouds up in the sky love you from afar.

You see, little one, when they look down, they view themselves in you,

And you show them how beautiful you think they are in the heavens blue.

You know it not, but yet it’s true, they know that they are loved.

Because of you, little lake, they stay in the sky above.

So you are needed here, sweet friend, to show the clouds the way

To make the world a lovely place each and every day.

But because you love them so very much we’ll grant this one small wish.”

The little lake then felt a swirl, then with a rush and a sudden swish,

It felt a little lighter, then saw a face beguiling,

A little cloud sitting on the lake, friendly and smiling.

“They said you’d be my friend,” said the little cloud of the moon and sun,

“But I can only play until the day is done.”

The little lake knew only joy and happily played with its new friend.

They laughed and talked and secrets told till day had come to an end.

Then with a swirl and a rush, and one quick swish,

Back into the little lake went the lovely mist.

22 Replies to “The Lake and the Mist”

    1. Thank you. I giggle because I got up early this morning to get kids off to school, checked the prompt, then went back to bed. Apparently the prompt lodged right in my subconscious because this was the dream I had. Woke up and immediately wrote it down. 🙂

    1. I loved writing this one even though that little lake had a pretty loud voice.
      I love your challenges. They’re fun and I’m so glad I joined last year. I’ve been looking forward to this all year.

  1. I love this! I love the thought of the little lake looking for something to make it feel big and important. The part about reflecting the clouds and making them happy, well, that speaks volumes to me. Made me think of me and my daughter. Great start!

    1. Actually, I’m so glad you got my message! I was very much trying to show how we all feel so small and want to do big things when we really do them in our own small ways. Insignificant though we think we are, we can have a huge impact on the world around us if we only try.

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