The Fairy Tale Without A Happy Ending

Mirror Mirror

By Jessica Scott



I waited for you, but there was no reply,

Now here I am, alone on this road,

I missed my cue, and you’re saying goodbye.

The play is over, the curtain has closed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

You never heard me when I’d call.


The bruises that will never disappear,

The misery that tries to find relief,

I’m trying so hard to find the meaning here-

Lost my faith, gone my belief.

This fragile frame that holds can break

The heart inside that bears the ache.


Now you’ve left me alone to walk in the dark;

The flood is coming, and I’ll be overtaken,

You’ve left me to drown in the insecurities surrounding your heart-

You’ve left me in pieces, now I feel myself breaking.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

How many times must I fall?


The sweet things you said, were they just lies?

We were lovers once, but not anymore,

And if you look into my eyes,

would you see the scars and the tears that drip sore?

The crippled anger you carved into my skin,

I don’t want to die inside just to be able to begin again.


So I’ll drain my cup empty of this delusion

And try to let go of the guilt and shame,

While you convince yourself it was all an illusion,

Remorse was never your claim to fame.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who were you to make me feel so small?