The Best Christmas Toy Ever

The Best Christmas Toy Ever

Day 25’s prompt took me back. Write about your favorite toy.

She was mine.


Her original outfit was worn out a long time ago (though I do still have it in a box somewhere) and replaced by one a found about ten or so years ago. Her name is Alisha Anita and her birthday is November 1st. She’s going to be 33 years old, though she doesn’t look her age, honestly. She still makes me happy when I see her, and she still brings the same feeling to me when I hold her in my arms and hug her as she did oh, so many years ago.

xo Jesi


She Was the One

By Jesi Scott


Yellow pigtails beribboned, and blue of eyes,

she was the best Christmas surprise.

How I’d waited for her forever,

heart-strings were tied that nothing could sever.


Oh, how I loved her sweet, little face,

and her pink and white romper trimmed with lace,

and her white knit sweater and little shoes.

I made her a promise to never abuse


her as a child often does,

and I took great care of her because

she was the one I’d wanted for my own.

With her, I was never alone.


But I grew up and a woman became,

with a herd of boys and their care my aim.

Toy trucks and building blocks cover my floor,

superheroes and dinosaurs run in and out my door.


Sweet little dolls never cross my path,

sharks and octopus play in the bath.

But I’ve never forgotten my lovely dolly,

and now, seeing lots of Christmas holly


in the stores, reminds me again

of all those years ago when

I made a wish on Christmas Eve,

And Santa brought it because I believed.

7 Replies to “The Best Christmas Toy Ever”

    1. Thank you. I love her still. I don’t remember a lot of childhood Christmases, but I’ll never forget the one in which she came to me.

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