The Adventures of the Blonde Princes

So, I thought I’d share a little something I wrote a very long time ago for a family newsletter. It was something light and fun and I still giggle when I read it because it brings back soooo many memories. I hope it makes you smile today. 🙂


The Adventures of the Blonde Princes

by Jesi Scott


Today begins another chapter in the story of our heroes, Princes Lock and Sean. Our champions are off on their next adventures today. Unlike their mother, our two brave heroes face their challenges bravely and with excitement brimming from the tips of their toes to the top of their brand new big-kid backpacks.

Their mother valiantly fought back the tears like one going about everyday tasks, but deep inside she was trying to reach out with invisible fingers and pull them back to her. These were her babies. They were too little to be heading out into the big wide world of 4th grade and the kingdom of 2nd grade. Her little princes looked so small next to the dragons she knew they would have to face in the months to come. Yet she knew somehow they would overcome their trials and vanquish their enemies of multiplication and 2-digit addition and subtraction.

They had re-discovered old alliances long-lost in their own adventures, newly home from their battles with 3rd and 1st grade teachers. As Prince Lock courageously declined a hug and kiss from his mother, she knew he was growing into her own little king along with his brother, Prince Sean, who had already fought the battle for independence and won and had become a victorious warrior against the Mush Monster. Hugs and kisses were no longer a threat to this hero.

The Queen Mother made her way out of the cavernous School and drove home in her gleaming white carriage to take care of her youngest son, Prince Jonathan, who was already showing promise of being as courageous and strong as his brothers.



Day 2-Our hero, Prince Lock, found himself facing his first challenge.  The Queen Mother had given him some money to buy the much needed quest item that would help him progress through 2nd grade.  He faithfully put the money in his pocket and headed down the sidewalk with his brother at his side.  Once inside Cavernous School, they went their separate ways to face the days adventures.  Little did Prince Lock know that his first challenge would meet him so soon.


The Queen had charged him with giving the money to his trainer as soon as he got to his classroom but lo and behold he walked into a mind-control and forgot all about the money.  Before long it was time to go to lunch and as he left the room he remembered the money lying in his pocket.  Unfortunately he could not remember what it was for.  The poor Prince found himself the victim of the sinister Cookie Monster.  This terrible beast was hard to overcome and our hero succumbed to it’s spells.  Before he knew what he was doing he grabbed the cookie he knew the queen had told him he could not have and put it on his plate and handed over the money to one of the monster’s minions.  Alas, our Prince was doomed!  He ate the cookie and headed back to finish his 2nd day among his group of friends.  Had they only known of his dilemma they might have been able to save him!


He headed home to the castle knowing the Queen Mother and his father, the King Who Liked Holey Shirts, would not be pleased that he had failed the Quest of Responsibility.  He was right.  As he did the homework his Hunter Trainer had given him to do, he thought about his punishment.  The Queen had forbidden the royal cook from giving him dessert for the whole week and the King told him that he would have to pay his trainer from the money his fairy grandmother, The Mimi, had given him for his birthday.  As the sun goes down, our hero finds himself a little wiser from his folly and he knows now that the evil Cookie Monster is out there, waiting for him to fall again to it’s mind control spell.


Prince Sean had a good day and no homework.





Excerpt taken from Prince Lock’s journal


August 17 in the year 2006-It’s Thursday.  Mommy made me get out of bed soooo early this morning.  I didn’t want to get up this morning.  She’s so mean to make me get up.  So I made her pay for it by not putting my shoes on until she wanted us to leave.  Ha ha ha.  I miss Sean.  He went on a journey Wednesday and isn’t coming back until Monday.  I don’t know why he went but mommy says he has to go.  Monday is so far away.

School was okay today.  I didn’t get into any trouble but my trainer says I have to read EVERY DAY FOR 30 MINUTES!  ARGH!  I’m a hunter.  I don’t need to read to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow!  But Lady Rich says I have to read so I can learn about the animals I might want to train.  I already know how to read but she says practice is good for me.  That’s what mommy says when Cook makes food I don’t like to eat.  “It’s good for you”.  Yeah, but it tastes yucky.  Mommy is saying it’s time to get ready for bed so I have to stop writing now.  One day I will be a king and she won’t be able to make me go to bed early or get up early.  Good night.


Prince Lock


Today’s tale finds our heroes continuing onwards with their journey.  It has been three weeks since our story began.  Let’s see where our heroes find themselves this week.


Prince Lock has had a rough time traveling the path leading him through the land of 2nd grade.  One day he seems to be doing great but the next finds him beset with perils of all sorts.  The main monster that hounds his footsteps is the dreaded Talking Knight.  This terrible being made a pact with the evil warlock, Knot Focused.  When the Talking Knight broke his part of the pact, Knot Focused banished him forever to the legions of the undead and cursed him by making him talk forever.  The Talking Knight roams the land looking for wayward travelers and whenever he finds someone susceptible enough to his power he causes them to talk and talk so that they are unable to pay attention.  Poor Prince Lock has not been able to find any way to escape the Talking Knight.  Is he doomed to have the Talking Knight follow him forever or will he find a way past the Talking Knight’s clutches?


Prince Sean trudges steadily along.  He encountered the Talking Knight but fortune smiled on him and he dodged past the sinister being.  However, Prince Sean found himself running headlong into the dire Swamp of Thoughtlessness.  He immediately was bogged down into the mire of Abandon and could not help his brother, Prince Lock.  If only he had been more careful and had not been so headstrong.  His impatience caused his downfall but there is hope.  He grabs at the vines of the swamp trees and pulls himself out of the sticky mess.  He says a Blessing of Thankfulness and sets camp for the night to rest and think of a new way to attack the swamp, which can creep up when you least expect it.  He must find a way to help his brother escape the Talking Knight.


Meanwhile, back at the castle, Prince Jonathan is learning new words and how to keep the Queen Mother from becoming bored.  There is always something interesting catching his eye.  For instance, his mother’s communication machine that the King created for her is the most fun to play with.  Or perhaps the Queen’s afghan that she is making for his brother, Prince Lock, needs looking after.  Prince Jonathan knows he is not supposed to touch either but surely she did not mean all the time.  After all, why would she put the afghan within reach if she did not mean for him to help her with it?  Now where did that crochet hook get to…?