Talkin’ ‘Bout Things


Thing the First:

Son 3 finished his homework in record time yesterday: 3 pages in 30 minutes (four if you count math front and back but he only has to do even or odd numbers depending on the day-still…it’s multiplying fractions, ’nuff said). We struggle every day getting him to do ANY kind of writing. He hates it, and I don’t mean like he hates ketchup. I mean like Dark Side of The Force hates writing. Since Kindergarten. The last one and a half weeks he’s been getting his homework done without too much urging on my part. (We hates math. Simply hates it.) It’s awesome. How and why? World of Warcraft, friends. A massive online computer game. He can’t play until homework is completely done and no notes home from the teacher. #ParentWin for now. I’ll take it.

Thing the Second:

Lizzi is coming back! Only for a few days but I get to see her and hug her and just bask in the wonderfulness that she is. It’s going to be awesome.

Thing the Third:

When you unthinkingly carry a piece of paper in your mouth so you can use your hands to quickly find something and then you go to take the paper out and you end up tearing off the upper layer of skin from the inside of your lower lip, organic coconut oil does NOT sting and it tastes pretty good. Still, if you had made sure your lips were decently moisturized before then maybe you wouldn’t have torn the skin off your lip in the first place. Just sayin’.

Thing the Fourth:

I wrote a poem. I know! I can’t believe it either. It’s been so long. But thanks to Hasty Word’s Facebook status updates, I was inspired. Thank you, Hasty!

Into the Quiet

By Jesi Scott


I walked into the quiet

to try and ease the pain,

but the silence that met me

was deafening. The rain


was cold and soaked

me through

because the silence that met me

came from you.


I walked into the quiet

to soothe my breaking heart;

strangled by the silence,

I was torn apart.


I walked into the quiet

To calm my troubled soul.

It wrapped itself around me,

And I let it

take me