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Monday’s Muse: When Life Gives You Lemons

Today begins that annual event that makes childish hearts beat fast with joy and glee. At the same time parents cringe and begin planning things so that these same children will not drive said parents crazy with choruses of “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” for the following week. Yes, I...


Behind the Scenes @ Chez Lunatic

The last few weeks have been crazy. So much so that I’ve been struggling to get posts up every day and today is no exception. I thought that today I’d give you a sort of peek behind the curtain at what I’ve been working on behind the blog scene. No, there’s...


Monday’s Muse: Hope, and a NaNo update

Hi everyone. I don’t know how your weekend went but mine was eventful with more than a little bit of stress. I was thankful for the little bits of sunshine that came my way in the form of my niece visiting again, the books I found at my favorite bookstore (Poetry...

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