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It’s All In How You See It 8

It’s All In How You See It

A Think for you to think about. xo Jesi P.S. Catch my post on Monday over at Twisted Writers where I discuss story arc and “hooking” your audience. And I might “pimp” a book or two. Perception By Jesi Scott   And this is how it is: the picture holds a...


Breaking News!! My Challenge Reveals

    I’ve got it!!! I know what my theme will be for my Blogging A to Z Challenge! I am going to combine my two challenges!!! Yes, I am doing TWO challenges for April. I am doing the Blogging A to Z challenge with CJ. She did it last year...


Take A Deep Breath…Then Go, Go, Go!

Okay. I really am trying to remember to keep things in perspective. My best friend Michelle and her husband are coming into town and staying with my family. This means I’ve gone into Full-On Cleaning Spree mode. Ultimately, this does no harm to the house and actually makes things easier to...


It’s a new blog! The Birth of the Twisted Writers

I promised you something big and here it is:   It’s the birth of a new writing blog created by a group of people I met a year ago and enjoy being around. The core members of my writing group got together in January and decided it was high time we...


Breaking News!!!!

Tomorrow, my lovelies, is a VERY special day. I don’t know if the sun will come out but a new blog will debut. I am dying to give you more information but upon pain of listening to really bad stories I am keeping mum. All will be revealed at 8 a.m....

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