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Behind the Scenes @ Chez Lunatic

The last few weeks have been crazy. So much so that I’ve been struggling to get posts up every day and today is no exception. I thought that today I’d give you a sort of peek behind the curtain at what I’ve been working on behind the blog scene. No, there’s...


My Texas Is Showing

I am not a big country music fan, but I am Texan by right of birth, born to country parents and growing up, eventually, in the country. My father and his family were farmers and cowboys. My own Uncle David, whose birthday I share, was a rodeo cowboy for a while....


The Tea Thief: Who Really Did it

My favorite commercials right now are the Jaguar Good To Be Bad villain advertisements. I am completely charmed by them. Although, I would seriously like to see Jeremy Irons in one, as well as Michael Ironside. I know he’s not British (he’s Canadien), but wouldn’t that be a fantastic commercial to...


It’s All Amber’s Fault

I have finally figured it out. Amber is going to force me to success if it kills both of us. I just know it. It’s Day 5 of NaNoWriMo and I have almost 8,000 words so far. I worked hard yesterday to reach my 16k word goal, but I did it....


It’s Been A Day

Today has been like the pic. It started out pretty good. I got up, got one kid off to school,and another ended up staying home because he’s been unwell, and I just didn’t feel like he needed to be out in the wind today¬†as he’s had a fairly irritating cough. Then,...

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