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Once Upon A Winter Day

I can say with no small amount of truth that I didn’t see this poem coming. To say it took me by surprise is an understatement, and I am truly trying to keep the tears from falling as I write this for you. Today’s prompt was to write about a color...

Thank God It’s Tuesday! 53

Thank God It’s Tuesday!

To borrow my favorite line from The Emperor’s New Groove, “Yay! I’m a llama again!” Blog theme now fixed. It’s totally changed because I said “screw it” to coding. I’m all about the Easy button today. At least as far as the blog is concerned. Also, stomach bug almost totally gone....


Monday’s Muse: Pine Trees and Persephone

Hello, Lunatics! How was your weekend? Mine was busy. I still haven’t managed to pull all the Christmas decorations down and put them away but remember, I have Monster Tree to deal with. Plus, I’m trying to get the ornaments organized with new boxes and packing material. Then, yesterday I decided...


Color Your World & Revolution

Ready for more poetry for the poetry challenge? Today’s prompt was “Color Your World”. After days of some pretty intensive subjects for poetry it was time for a more light-hearted approach.┬áBut I had to sit for a bit with this one. There are so many different ways I could have gone....


My Vacation Update

Hey everyone! Believe it or not but I am still alive, just barely. I am having a really good time so far here in the Windy City, and right now we are waiting for Laura’s ex to return her kids so we can go to dinner. So, I thought I’d try...


I Have A Confession

I am hanging my head in shame. I have been a lazy girl. I have not run since my 5k in April. Not once. At first it was because I pushed myself hard for the 5k run and needed some recovery time. But I haven’t put on my running shoes since...

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