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    It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

    I am still here, slowly recharging my soul. This is for you. Dancing Stars By Jesi Scott   If you love her make her shine. Make her glow where all can see. For star she was and star she is, and star she will always be.   Make her shine bright as the moon, bright as the moon at sea. For love will do as love has done for all eternity.   And in the end she’ll know your love was her’s with certainty. So make her shine, Make her glow, And she’ll love fearlessly.     00

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    Monday’s Muse: Stardust

    Last night my friend CJ let me know that she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. So, tomorrow’s post will be about that. Today is Monday’s Muse and I have a new one for you. I have recently been reading articles about the stars and how we are, technically, made up of the same components as the stars themselves. Yesterday I was thinking about that and was inspired to write Stardust. Besides, it’s one of my favorite Nat King Cole songs. Although, my poem has nothing to do with the song. But, you get both because it’s Nat King Cole, and I love that chocolate-velvet voice. xo Jesi Stardust…