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Short But Sweet…I Hope

Poetry Prompt Day 20: Let’s talk about love, baby. I didn’t do the poetic form, the Loop poem. I’ll give that a try another day. ¬†And, today’s poem is rather short but I hope it’s as strong as I felt when I wrote it. I did try to make it longer...


Monday’s Muse: Hope, and a NaNo update

Hi everyone. I don’t know how your weekend went but mine was eventful with more than a little bit of stress. I was thankful for the little bits of sunshine that came my way in the form of my niece visiting again, the books I found at my favorite bookstore (Poetry...


Raindrops On My Windowpane the Saturday He Died

My Sunday is not going so well, though I’m not sure just when or where it began to metamorphose into what it is. Somehow the day turned into “a day”. Maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe I’m just feeling caged in a bit. So, when I was finally...

Something to tide you over 0

Something to tide you over

Hello my Lunatics! Tonight I will begin to update the blog. I want to change the overall appearance and characteristics, as well as how it operates. I’ve been very happy here at WordPress, but I’m trying to look at the future of my blog and its growth potential. I want to...

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