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    No idea if anyone is seeing this but sending it out into the ether anyway. First new poem of 2018. Enjoy! She lived her life dessicated, An arid desert in the heat of summer… Dusty sand that scours raw the skin And the few crumbling brown plants, dead for lack of moisture. Then came the storms With drops that hissed and sizzled, And drowned the parched land Bringing life to the xeriscape, And hope bloomed in profusion.   00

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    Shades and Shadows

    By Jesi Scott     Lost goodbyes, broken promises, words to say left unspoken, the should-have-been becomes the never-meant-to-be… You, with hair of jet and those blue-sky eyes, that sun-bright smile and hearth-fire voice, you who hung the moon in her sky and saw through her self-inflicted invisibility, do you ever ask “what if”? Does could-have-been slip through your mind like a soft caress from her hand? Does the memory of a girl with honey hair and storm-cloud eyes, shy smile and soft, snowfall voice ever gently embrace you, leaving ghost kisses upon your lips to fade away with the stars at the coming of the morning? 00