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    #OctPoWriMo Day One: TIME

    Hello, my lovelies. I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I’m afraid I had several technical difficulties which resulted in the blog being down for a few months while the problem was tracked down and fixed. Also, I’ve been sick with what I think was the flu but it acted like bronchitis and now I’m to be tested for underlying adult asthma. Fun stuff. Still, considering what my other possibilities were (i.e., heart attack or lung cancer), I’ll certainly take the better of them. And now that I’m back to feeling *somewhat* normal (I can breathe and sprint across the road without feeling like I’m going to pass out),…

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    What Is Written Beneath the Skin

    The Bone Writers By Jesi Scott   All you see is what you think I am, No more than that. And you think I don’t understand So you talk of things in front of me   Never knowing I hear what you say And understand what you don’t, The invisible mask you think you wear Reflected only too clearly   To those who see you as you really are. We live through each other, A ripple effect with pebbles Thrown from ghosts in the shadows,   Lives entwined into a miasma, Tangled ribbons, Where I begin and you end, My face on your mask,   Both of us on display…

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    One Impossible Thing Is Coming True-Five More To Go

    So, I did a something about a month ago. I entered a poem into a big contest. Not one of those for-kicks-and-grins kind of contests, this one has a $2000 grand prize. I didn’t tell anyone about it. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and there was a wait period of about two weeks before I would know if my poem had been accepted. It was an electronic submission which then automatically setup a profile for me on the website. So, I filled out the profile info and then uploaded a few poems. And then I left it alone and forgot about it. Things have…

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    Cyclic Interpretations

    Felt in the mood to write today so I headed over to Poets On the Page to see what the prompt was for this week. Turns out they want us to write about cycles. Well, the one cycle I think I’m most attuned to is one that rules my life, the moon. Every month since I was 12 it has determined how my body runs in relation to it’s own cycles, along with the tides. But I began to see it from a different perspective. I realized that much like a woman aging, the moon shows her age in her face as well. And from there, the poem wrote itself. I…

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    Divine Poetry

    Divina Poetica By Jesi Scott   Spill your words onto my lips, Those soft, silky, satin drips That caress my soul Like your fingertips, As across my skin Your voice slips And tangles in strips Where light and fire can’t eclipse The body divine in apocalypse   00

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    New Poem

    I have been watching/reading way too much Wizard of Oz and fairy tales.   Advice From the Wicked By Jesi Scott   Wicked I am and Wicked I be, Or so says all Of the publicity.   But evil is As evil does… And you shouldn’t judge Because   You never know What’s behind the door. You don’t know What’s gone before.   Truth is never As plain as it seems, And people change, Or so time deems.   So keep in mind that Evil and good Might not appear As they should.   Sometimes the right thing Can be wrong, And sometimes the wicked Have been right all along.…

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    I’m A Well-Tempered Bard

      For my birthday, Lizzi gave me the best birthday present…she made me a bard over at her poetry blog! So, today I posted my first poem there. You should go check it out. 😉 In other news, there is no other news. I had what felt like a very long weekend. I began and finished reading a good book (Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige), continued working on knitting a shawl (not as old-fashioned as you may think), went to a Drum and Bugle Corps performance, and drank copious amounts of tea because allergies. Oh, and I also had an idea for a story about a carnival and an…

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    I Found My Words

      Lizzi needs to read something beautiful, which is ironic because for the last week I have been trying to find the words to write something just for her. It turns out, she had the words I’d lost and kept them safe. While this may not be beautiful, I hope I turned some of the pain I’ve read about the last few weeks into something a little less traumatic. Each stanza is a person, imperfect and exquisite. xo Jesi   Write Me Something Beautiful By Jessica Scott     “Write me something beautiful,” she said. So I looked for inspiration And found…   The soft flames of coral light endeavoring…

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    #RIP to the Gods

    In memoriam Heaven is filling up quickly. xo Jesi The Cry of Atlantis By Jesi Scott   We’ve been left standing, bereft, surrounded by galaxies, distant on the horizon. Once again, the gods are leaving us, and there’s nothing to do but wait for their return. Somehow, it always comes to this: life brings us joy, shows us the way to truth, gives us real beauty, and we fail to see, to know, to experience; we distort and destroy. We beg for help and gods to show us the path, and they come, they teach their wisdom -we marvel at their language in music, art, words, kindness, love- We see…

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    Beginning To Play Catch Up

    Yet another post for today in an attempt to try and play catch up with NaPoWriMo. So, this would be Day 7’s prompt which was to write a tritina. (Click the link for an explanation.) It’s fairly simple. There’s no rhyme scheme or syllable length, which makes it seem easy to write, but it’s seeming simplicity is what makes it appear difficult. Truly, the only difficulty I had was in putting the sentences together to tell the story I see in my head. And now, I’m off to begin my day which is going to be ridiculously busy. Happy Friday everyone! xo Jesi   Hospital Waiting Rooms By Jesi Scott…