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      It’s almost that time of year again. October Poetry Writing Month at OctPoWriMo! I’ll be joining in the fun this year in more ways than just writing. I’ve volunteered to help out with whatever they need me to do so maybe you’ll see something more from me than just a poem. Anyway, if you haven’t linked up yet, please do so here (click for the link). Hope to see you there and I can’t wait to read your poems!   <3 Jesi 00

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    I Need A Vacation…

      Recess (Going On Holiday) By Jesi Scott   “Come and play” the soft voice whispers in my ear, And I open my eyes to see who is there. “Come and play” it whispers again As I rub and stretch the sleep from my skin.   “It’s nice out here. Come and see.” But I ignore the words and drink my tea. “Please come and play. I’m lonely and bored.” Instead I read the news and leave the voice ignored.   “Won’t you at least look outside?” I glance at the pile of dishes needing to be washed and dried. “Isn’t the sky looking especially blue?” It does remind me…

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    No idea if anyone is seeing this but sending it out into the ether anyway. First new poem of 2018. Enjoy! She lived her life dessicated, An arid desert in the heat of summer… Dusty sand that scours raw the skin And the few crumbling brown plants, dead for lack of moisture. Then came the storms With drops that hissed and sizzled, And drowned the parched land Bringing life to the xeriscape, And hope bloomed in profusion.   00

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    Dear Love

    by Jesi Scott   Dear Love,   How do I begin to say all that my words cannot convey? How I wish you’d simply stayed away.   I was fine all on my own when you made yourself known, understanding I didn’t want to be alone.   And there I was, caught in your gravity, lost without reason, no clarity, baptised in your rhapsody.   Now, here I stand watching you walk away, the words catching in my throat, held at bay, as memories replay.   My fragile strength is now gone. I am broken, no reason to move on. And this conclusion was foregone- the moment you said hello.…

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    It’s On!

      Alright you guys…I did it. I signed up for OctPoWriMo this year. Last year I was simply burned out and going through a mess and just didn’t have the heart or strength to deal with writing anything for 30 days. I still have a mess going but at least it’s manageable. Therefore, a challenge is just what I need to get the ink flowing in my veins again. If you DO NOT have a private blog you can sign up here: https://octpowrimo.blogspot.com/p/octpowrimo-link-up.html If you DO have a private blog (Dawn, I’m looking at you. LoL), you can participate by either joining the Poets on the Page Facebook group, or…

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    The Struggle Is Real

    The Poet’s Struggle By Jesi Scott   Long have the words lived in my brain To describe, emote, explain The very moments, feelings, reasons For what I see and think and experience.   And, sadly, they can never quite Reach the fullness of these scraps of life That creep past or fly by… These flashes of colors by which we Remember, ignore, embrace The events that create a future “us”, Or, maybe, a fuller individual… A much muchier “we”.   Still, the words live and buzz around inside And sometimes find a way out To live in ink, all the while hoping They will be heard, understood, Passed along, To…

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    What Dreams May Come…

    It seems my words may be coming back. I woke up crying from a dream I don’t remember and the first four lines of this in my head. After  ten continuing minutes, and ultimate uselessness in trying to go back to sleep, the grinding gears inside my head refused to shut up, so up I got and you are the lucky recipient of something new. I don’t know what it was that upset me in the dream but I still feel as if I’ve suffered a loss. Just so you know, everything is otherwise fine here at Chez Lunatic. But I am definitely going to stop snacking close to bedtime.…

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    It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

    I am still here, slowly recharging my soul. This is for you. Dancing Stars By Jesi Scott   If you love her make her shine. Make her glow where all can see. For star she was and star she is, and star she will always be.   Make her shine bright as the moon, bright as the moon at sea. For love will do as love has done for all eternity.   And in the end she’ll know your love was her’s with certainty. So make her shine, Make her glow, And she’ll love fearlessly.     00

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    Crumbling Bridges

    Blank faces stare like blank pages waiting to be filled- empty; darkness upon the face of the deep. One big bang to fill a vast universe of mind and matter, and a paradoxical heart, both black hole and a thousand suns, all of it endlessly spinning, dizzily tipping, until we all fall down. 00

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    So Far So Good

      So, here we are, four days into the new year, and there’s already been some changes as you can obviously see. The new look is working for me for now, but we’ll see how it goes. With my restless ways you never know what you’re going to find when you drop by. Next. I don’t remember if I shared the news or not but my peace poem was published along with the other Poets For Peace members in Praxis Magazine Online. Every year they are going to publish the anthology for the group. The download is free and you can get it here (clickable link). There were so many wonderful…