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Song Beside A Sippy Cup

Sharing a poem I just read yesterday and totally LOVE. Read it out loud. Seriously. Read it out loud. I love the sounds and how it’s put together.   Song Beside  A Sippy Cup by Jenny Factor*   In the never truly ever truly dark dark night, ever blinds-zipped, slat-cut, dark-parked...


How Came What Came Alas by Heidi Lynn Nilsson

One of the activities that I’ve been doing every day is reading from this book: Each day has a poem scheduled for reading, and I’ve added that to my daily routine. I have been enjoying it immensely. There are some incredible poems in the book. One of them that I have...


Taking Stock and Going Forward

Happy New Year, my lovely Lunatics! I truly hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. Tomorrow I begin taking down all of the decorations before the 6th gets here. Today, though, is for looking back at what’s been accomplished, and looking forward to being ever closer to reaching my dreams....

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