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Dear Love 4

Dear Love

by Jesi Scott   Dear Love,   How do I begin to say all that my words cannot convey? How I wish you’d simply stayed away.   I was fine all on my own when you made yourself known, understanding I didn’t want to be alone.   And there I was,...

The Struggle Is Real 19

The Struggle Is Real

The Poet’s Struggle By Jesi Scott   Long have the words lived in my brain To describe, emote, explain The very moments, feelings, reasons For what I see and think and experience.   And, sadly, they can never quite Reach the fullness of these scraps of life That creep past or...

Divine Poetry 6

Divine Poetry

Divina Poetica By Jesi Scott   Spill your words onto my lips, Those soft, silky, satin drips That caress my soul Like your fingertips, As across my skin Your voice slips And tangles in strips Where light and fire can’t eclipse The body divine in apocalypse  


Remember Polaroids?

So I woke up this morning after having had a rather sad dream about my mom and Christmas, and this was what kept playing through my head once I was alert enough to become cognizant of the words. Jesi P.S. Make sure to check out my post over at Twisted Writers...

I’m A Liar 3

I’m A Liar

Prevarication By Jesi Scott   He calls me a liar, Says I fabricate events to justify my reasoning…   I’ll not say he’s entirely wrong.   I am a liar -fabrication is my job- To create things that aren’t true.   To make you believe that I think your lips are...


Monday’s Muse: A Poem About Hemingway

Things are rather busy here today so I’m just going to drop this here and run. Today’s poem took shape because I had just glanced over at a book on my shelf and wondered who the author’s muse could have been. Voilá! A poem was born. Happy Monday everyone. xo Jesi...


Dreaming of Poetry

Do you ever dream of writing? I mean, quite literally, dreams of writing, not writing as a goal. The first one I had was in my early twenties and I was in such a hurry that I forgot to write it down. I was keeping a dream journal then but I...


Snoopy Is Doing His Happy Dance!

My eldest son is visiting for the weekend and on our drive home in rush hour traffic, he informed me, among college-decision updates, that he had joined his school’s writing club! He also asked me if he could bounce ideas off me as he needed to write a poem. Did you...


My Partner in (writing) Crime

One of my kids ended up catching something over the weekend and it is passing quickly through the house now. I had to keep two kids home from school yesterday and today, and I woke up this morning with a wobbly stomach. So, this post is going to be super short...

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