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#OctPoWriMo Day 13-If I Were You

  Day 13 is to write a Blitz poem discussing your perspective to someone. The blitz is not my favorite form so to make it more interesting to me to write, and to add a little more of a challenge, I put more thought into it and tried to make as...

Shall We Take A Walk? 0

Shall We Take A Walk?

Tomorrow The Walk will be released in theaters across the country. When I first saw the adverts for this movie I was not the least bit interested in viewing it. However, something about it stuck in my brain. I’m still not entirely sure what it was about it that captured my...

Some Days I Feel This Way 0

Some Days I Feel This Way

The Gorgon By Jesi Scott He called me Medusa, though I’ve no locks of snakes to grace my head, and I’ve two strong legs with which I walk, not slither, from room to room.   I spurned his advances, the god-man, deity-son; now am I ridiculed, feared, cursed by his vengeance....

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