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Poets For Peace

Earlier today I was tagged in a group posting asking for poets to join a “crusade” of sorts called Poets For Peace. The world has become a scary place recently. These days feel as if we’ve somehow slipped through time back to the Civil War, and that certainly took a toll...


Monday’s Muse: Peace

Last week was such a busy week, and the weekend was even busier. I don’t know how I managed to make it through with any kind of sanity, but I got through it. I think that’s all that matters. This week is, with all luck, supposed to be calmer. We’ll see...


In The Quiet Places

Some days I just sit and think when I should be working. I don’t even really pay close attention to what runs through my mind at these times; I just let the thoughts come and go as they will. Every so often a phrase will run through my head and find...

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