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    The Mating Game

    It’s cicada season in my backyard, and pretty much everywhere I go. Not just cicadas but frogs too. During the day all I can hear is the whirring, rattling sound of tiny prop engines calling out to each other. At night its the chirruping of frogs in trees or bushes. Obviously, the mating game is afoot. I don’t mind the frogs so much; their soft croaks aren’t really croaks at all, not even in the sense of it. The sound is more like some sort of loud cricket or night bird. But the cicadas…they have got to stop. It’s bad enough seeing the husks lying around (although once they’ve abandoned…

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    A Very Merry Unbirthday To You!

    Today is my birthday, which means, my lovelies, that it’s your unbirthday! And as queen today I make the rules. 1. There will be singing. 2. There will be dancing. 3. Drinking is encouraged, (with some common sense, people). 4. You will have fun or I will torment you. 5. Gifts for everyone! Hope you have a great day! 00

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    How Did I Get Talked Into This?

    Tonight I get to chaperone a bunch of teens, sort of. Mostly, I’ll be sitting at a table in a ballroom of a local hotel watching kids dance, parents watching their kids dance, and refilling candy bowls. I will be the only parent there without a kid at this event. It’s the local high school band banquet, and because my eldest son attended this school last year and I signed up to volunteer before he moved to his dad’s last summer, I will be helping out. In a formal dress, because it’s a formal event. Think prom for band geeks. Fortunately, my dress is short so I won’t have to…