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The Mating Game 0

The Mating Game

It’s cicada season in my backyard, and pretty much everywhere I go. Not just cicadas but frogs too. During the day all I can hear is the whirring, rattling sound of tiny prop engines calling out to each other. At night its the chirruping of frogs in trees or bushes. Obviously,...


A Very Merry Unbirthday To You!

Today is my birthday, which means, my lovelies, that it’s your unbirthday! And as queen today I make the rules. 1. There will be singing. 2. There will be dancing. 3. Drinking is encouraged, (with some common sense, people). 4. You will have fun or I will torment you. 5. Gifts...


How Did I Get Talked Into This?

Tonight I get to chaperone a bunch of teens, sort of. Mostly, I’ll be sitting at a table in a ballroom of a local hotel watching kids dance, parents watching their kids dance, and refilling candy bowls. I will be the only parent there without a kid at this event. It’s...

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