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    Do You Have A Tardis?

    I’m behind already. I knew I would be. You can’t multitask without one of the balls you’re juggling falling at some point. In my case I’ve had two fall. But that’s okay because they aren’t as important as the others and I can easily pick them back up again. I’m behind on my NaPoWriMo schedule and the nature photo challenge Lizzi tagged me on. If you follow me on Facebook you might be seeing lots of spring pictures showing up. The photo challenge would be why. It’s fun and gets me out of constant packing and moving and I’ve noticed I’m more relaxed when I do it. As for NaPo…I…

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    Stella, bella stella…

    I know, I know. I’m so behind. Busy life, I tell ya, so I’m playing catch up again. Four poems, one at a time, coming your way. Please forgive me. But I promise, it’s going to calm down soon. October is almost done and November will be here this weekend. One more football game/marching band performance for me and my family and then things calm way the heck down. Thankfully. So, let’s get caught up on poems. Day 23 prompt: It’s all around, forest fires start from sparks, oceans are made of water drops. (There I go again with my element loving) but look around and take a moment to…

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    Some Days I Feel This Way

    The Gorgon By Jesi Scott He called me Medusa, though I’ve no locks of snakes to grace my head, and I’ve two strong legs with which I walk, not slither, from room to room.   I spurned his advances, the god-man, deity-son; now am I ridiculed, feared, cursed by his vengeance.   Why, when all flee my stare, can I not look at my own reflection and turn myself into stone? 00

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    Hail, Mighty Rome!

    I’ve always had a thing for Greece and Rome. Maybe it was the mythology I loved reading in the second grade, or the fact that one of the cartoons I loved watching after school every day was an old one my mom watched when she was young titled Hercules. (That’s where I first learned about Daedalus and Icarus.) I loved the stories. They were so fantastic and magical, and being a very imaginative child, I daydreamed about being Artemis or Athena or one of the myriad goddesses. (Mostly Artemis/Diana-in fact, in second grade I remember wanting to change my name to Diana because she was my favorite. Now that I…

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    Change You Like A Remix, Raise You Like A Phoenix

    It wasn’t Fall Out Boy that inspired this one but U2 (thanks Helena 😉 )   Phoenix Song By Jesi Scott   Reach out to touch the flame Pull back, afraid, But feel the heat drawing you in And with a searing kiss You burn- Only to rise From the ashes of your demise.   Burn in the fire, Let yourself ignite, Wildfire hearts ablaze Perish in conflagration To be reborn- And rise From the ashes of your demise.   Incinerate your heart, To make it stronger, Tempered steel in flesh and bone- Scorch your soul till it burns white And blinds the sun- Then rise From the ashes of…

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    Today, The Sun Is Shining Brightly In A Lapis Sky

    Love Song to the Sun God By Jessica Scott     Ah, Apollo! How long it has been since my eyes have seen your full splendor. How golden the locks upon your head, And how warm your smile! I have waited for your touch upon my skin For far too long. Now let your lips kiss mine, And burn into my skin the brand of your caress. +10

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    The Perversity of Fate

    I am a big mythology geek. I love it. I especially love seeing how certain myths translate into other cultures. Like Fate. Fate seems to transcend into all cultures. We are fascinated by destiny. We talk about it, write about it, and dream about it. In many cultures, Fate is generally pictured as three women, the Moirai (Moerae in Latin). Sometimes they are all old and have one eye between them that they share. In other stories, they are three women representing the three Ages of Woman-youth, motherhood, crone. In one science fiction/fantasy series (The Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony), Fate is one woman who can change into one…

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    Sneak Peek of The Fall

    I couldn’t find anything to blog about today, but, after getting some laundry and cleaning done, I was able to sit down and start yet another story. I know, I know. I really should work on one of the other two, but this one just came to me and I had to write as much of it down as I could so I wouldn’t forget it. Then the story just kept going, and the only reason I’ve stopped now is so I can get a post in before midnight. What this means for you, dear readers, is that you get a sneak peek of the story. I am having so…