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Writing Cinematically

OctPoWriMo Day 2-write cinematically. An interesting concept for me. Pick your favorite movie or video, mute it and pay close attention to a scene. Then write a poem in that way. Truth is, I’m not certain I have a favorite movie. I honestly cannot come up with my favorite. There are...


I Keep Saying This Lately

I know I keep apologizing for the lack of posts lately but I am truly sorry for not writing. Having 3-4 kids at home for summer vacation is a terrible inconvenience in the writing (and work) sector of my life. I’m very certain once they go back to school and a...


Seriously, Marvel?

Okay, I am going to try and not be too harsh on this. Last night I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. Now, I am as big a fan of the Marvel movies as anyone. They are fun, bombtastic, and completely entertaining. So, I went into this sequel prepared...


Monday’s Muse: Verisimilitude

This was a very long weekend. It’s one of those that you want to say ‘can we try again?” But, not me. Not this time. There are some things that just need to happen, whether for good or ill. Getting through something like this gives us strength and teaches us a...


It’s Been A Day

Today has been like the pic. It started out pretty good. I got up, got one kid off to school,and another ended up staying home because he’s been unwell, and I just didn’t feel like he needed to be out in the wind today¬†as he’s had a fairly irritating cough. Then,...

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