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Cyclic Interpretations

Felt in the mood to write today so I headed over to Poets On the PageĀ to see what the prompt was for this week. Turns out they want us to write about cycles. Well, the one cycle I think I’m most attuned to is one that rules my life, the moon....


Full Steam Ahead and Monday’s Muse

Alright, Lunatics! It’s a new year; time to start the year off in the best way possible. How? For me it’s getting back in training for my next Color Run in March (this year there’s added glitter! Do NOT start with the sparkly vampire jokes! I will send scary clowns to...


Some Fun and Moon Madness

OctPoWriMo challenge-Days 17 and 8 (for me). Today’s challenge: Words, Words, Words. Cut out words that catch your eye from newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc, or use a random word generator or magnetic poetry (including the online one here-very addictive, trust me) and take a picture or screen shot of what...

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