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What Dreams May Come…

It seems my words may be coming back. I woke up crying from a dream I don’t remember and the first four lines of this in my head. After  ten continuing minutes, and ultimate uselessness in trying to go back to sleep, the grinding gears inside my head refused to shut up, so up I […]


What Is Written Beneath the Skin

The Bone Writers By Jesi Scott   All you see is what you think I am, No more than that. And you think I don’t understand So you talk of things in front of me   Never knowing I hear what you say And understand what you don’t, The invisible mask you think you wear […]

OctPoWriMo Poetry

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. I learned this from the subscription email I received this morning from OctPoWriMo. You can read the post here.   I have a niece who has anxiety attacks. These are debilitating to her when they happen. Her best friend suffers from OCD and Mysophobia (commonly know as germaphobia). My […]