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Let It Go, Let It Go…But I Can’t

In a few weeks Chez Lunatic will be moving into new digs. This means there is going to be a whirlwind of packing going on for the next few weeks, and I am NOT looking forward to it. Let me make this very clear. I love moving. I love being in...

The Best Christmas Toy Ever 7

The Best Christmas Toy Ever

Day 25’s prompt took me back. Write about your favorite toy. She was mine. Her original outfit was worn out a long time ago (though I do still have it in a box somewhere) and replaced by one a found about ten or so years ago. Her name is Alisha Anita...

Youth’s A Stuff Will Not Endure 0

Youth’s A Stuff Will Not Endure

Bittersweet By Jesi Scott What I remember most are his eyes like the Texas skies in winter when the sun shines after the snow falls and covers the browned leaves, the grey-green boughs of the evergreen trees. How those eyes sparkled, lit from within from some hidden sunbeam he carried in...


In Which I Wish I Had A Pensieve

I have been trying to write all morning. I’m working on The Faerie’s Tale, which I have now renamed The Witch’s Tale (by the way, the title will probably change often-you have been warned). I have been typing away for two hours now. I have two-thirds of a page written. That’s...


Remember When?

Minus the stroller and the knitting, and with less grass, (although it probably all applied at some point), this could very well be a version of my Granny doing the laundry. I was thinking about her a bit ago while I was doing my own laundry. I had just taken some...

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