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At Sunset

  I waited for you by our tree On the hill watching The sun set lighting the clouds on fire, One glorious explosion Before day yields to night And hides The tears on my face that fall When you don’t show, Or say goodbye.

Dear Love 4

Dear Love

by Jesi Scott   Dear Love,   How do I begin to say all that my words cannot convey? How I wish you’d simply stayed away.   I was fine all on my own when you made yourself known, understanding I didn’t want to be alone.   And there I was,...


Crumbling Bridges

Blank faces stare like blank pages waiting to be filled- empty; darkness upon the face of the deep. One big bang to fill a vast universe of mind and matter, and a paradoxical heart, both black hole and a thousand suns, all of it endlessly spinning, dizzily tipping, until we all...

When A Joke Becomes A Serious Thing 9

When A Joke Becomes A Serious Thing

I’m not even going to try and explain today’s poetry prompt. Click the link and go read about it. All I can say is Billy Collins has a wicked sense of humor, and yes, I did the prompt. Well, except for the subject but I’m not sure there is a subject....

Straight From My Heart Love Will Never End 0

Straight From My Heart Love Will Never End

Two years ago this very day I was in Amarillo spending the last birthday he would ever have with my dad. Well, actually, yesterday was that day. My kids and I drove up from Dallas to surprise him. Three kids in a Jeep Compass on a six to seven hour drive....


Definitely NOT the Ballroom Blitz

Hey everyone. How are you? I’m doing ok today. Still feeling a bit down but I think I’ve finally reconciled my feelings and we’ll see where it takes me. Let’s get into today’s poetry challenge, shall we? We’re writing about being late, and the anxiety and stress that creates. The suggested poetic...


Raindrops On My Windowpane the Saturday He Died

My Sunday is not going so well, though I’m not sure just when or where it began to metamorphose into what it is. Somehow the day turned into “a day”. Maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe I’m just feeling caged in a bit. So, when I was finally...

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