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Writing About Knitting Is A Thing..

  Four years ago, before the creation of this blog, I had another blog. A knitting blog. Yes, where I talked about knitting specifically. I have no idea if I had any followers because I was on Blogger and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I looked at it...


When Modesty Forces You To Eat Your Own Words

Remember these? Buttons/lapel pins/whatever you want to call them, they were popular back in the day. I had a few. Still have some of them. One of my favorites was this one that said “My charm, beauty, and honesty are only exceeded by my modesty.” It was my favorite because it...

In Which I Compare Writing To Knitting 13

In Which I Compare Writing To Knitting

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing. With NaNoWriMo almost over I’ve been working hard to sit down and write every day. I haven’t always managed that but I’m much better than I was last year. Now what does knitting have to...


Color Your World & Revolution

Ready for more poetry for the poetry challenge? Today’s prompt was “Color Your World”. After days of some pretty intensive subjects for poetry it was time for a more light-hearted approach.┬áBut I had to sit for a bit with this one. There are so many different ways I could have gone....


I Keep Saying This Lately

I know I keep apologizing for the lack of posts lately but I am truly sorry for not writing. Having 3-4 kids at home for summer vacation is a terrible inconvenience in the writing (and work) sector of my life. I’m very certain once they go back to school and a...


Hello Monday Part 2

Ok. Today’s poem is for fun. I couldn’t help it. I knit sometimes and somehow I crossed the streams between knitting and writing and bam! Fun times! This poem is inspired by a lady who knits and writes knitting humor books. She goes by the sobriquet (sorry, love that word, fun...

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