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Something To Think About Today

  The Homeless By Jessica Scott   North winds blow winter’s chill across a bleak and dreary landscape. Trees bereft of leaves bear small resemblance to their grand summer counterparts, looking more like stick figure apparitions with moaning countenances. Still, I love the cold and otherworldly beauty in the seeming death...


Once Upon A Winter Day

I can say with no small amount of truth that I didn’t see this poem coming. To say it took me by surprise is an understatement, and I am truly trying to keep the tears from falling as I write this for you. Today’s prompt was to write about a color...


Countdown to Friday

So, those of us participating in #1000Speak Voices For Compassion are supposed to do a little reveal of what our post is going to be about Friday. I really thought about it. I’ve had my idea in mind for about a week and have been working as often as I can...

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