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Choose Love

The color of skin does not matter. Gender does not matter. Sexuality does not matter. Religion, politics, whatever flavor of ice cream one likes…does not matter. There is always someone who is going to say you are wrong because you are not like me. How sad that is. I’ve thought about...

What Would You Do? 9

What Would You Do?

Today’s poetry promptĀ is to write about conquering the world. What if you had no boundaries, nothing counted, and you could do anything you want. Basically, pretend you are Bill Murray reliving Groundhog Day for one day. What would you do? There is only one thing I would do. I would spend...


Compassion Will Test You

I wasn’t planning on writing about compassion today. I’ve been trying to spread it like wildfire recently so I’ve been taking a break and letting other voices be heard as well. Yeah, I’m a chatterer. My mother’s nickname was ‘Chatty Cathey” after the doll for a reason. And me, well, once...

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