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I Think I May Be On a Roll…not a Croissant

NaPoWriMo poem Day 5 prompt is an interesting one. Pick a seed name from a seed catalog and write a poem. NaPo’s site linked a couple of online catalogs to choose from but I’ve always purchased seeds from the Michigan Bulb Company. I must admit, I’ve always gotten a kick out...


Monday’s Muse: Second Chances

Here’s yet another post where a poem is just going to have to say it all. An original by me. Hope you had a great weekend. xo Jesi Second Chances By Jessica Scott   Life is gone, the flower has bloomed and faded, is withered brown, and drying on the stalk....


Do You See What I’m Up Against?

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We welcomed March in with an 80°F day. It was fantastic. I wanted to get a picture of my neighborhood yesterday so I could show you why my allergies are so bad lately. But I got busy and failed to capture...

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