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Almost That Time of Year

Hey y’all. Hope everyone had a great summer. It’s coming to a close for us here in DFW. We’ll still have some very warm days but the leaves on my trees are beginning to change into their fall splendour. I’ve already had to rake up one large pile of leaves in my backyard. School started […]

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Coming of Age

His clothes were laid neatly in the back of the SUV, along with two large packages of toilet paper, several boxes of macaroni and cheese, the pillows from his bed, and several large plastic bins containing as much of his life as he dared to take with him. The rest he left in his room […]

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Summer Is Officially Over

This morning I had to actually wear a jacket while waiting with Jack for the school bus to arrive. Sometime over the weekend the morning temperature changed and there is a chill in the air now that wasn’t there before. Despite the official calendar date, Mother Nature has decided summer is officially done. The fact […]