Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War By Jesi Scott Would that I could turn my anguish into clouds, Then ask the wind to blow it away. This pain tears, and rakes its claws through my tortured brain, My skin cracked and bleeding, My already once sewn-up heart ripped again at the seams. And it’s more than I can […]



Hello, my darlings! I apologize for taking a few days away from the blog. My two April challenges ended and I apparently did not foresee the emotional toll it would take on me. Life has a funny way of forcing you to slow way the heck down. So, when the train crash (migraine headache) happened […]


Stop the Merry-Go-Round!

I’m so sorry, my dear Lunatics! December is one of my busiest months, and it’s been crazier than normal this year. What with all of the school holiday events, concerts, and the Christmas shopping I am spinning at breakneck speed. Every so often I think to myself “stop the merry-go-round…I want to get off!” It […]