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What Dreams May Come…

It seems my words may be coming back. I woke up crying from a dream I don’t remember and the first four lines of this in my head. After  ten continuing minutes, and ultimate uselessness in trying to go back to sleep, the grinding gears inside my head refused to shut up, so up I […]

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#RIP to the Gods

In memoriam Heaven is filling up quickly. xo Jesi The Cry of Atlantis By Jesi Scott   We’ve been left standing, bereft, surrounded by galaxies, distant on the horizon. Once again, the gods are leaving us, and there’s nothing to do but wait for their return. Somehow, it always comes to this: life brings us […]

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What Would You Do?

Today’s poetry prompt is to write about conquering the world. What if you had no boundaries, nothing counted, and you could do anything you want. Basically, pretend you are Bill Murray reliving Groundhog Day for one day. What would you do? There is only one thing I would do. I would spend one more day with […]


Sometimes You Just Need A Reminder

Resharing a story I wrote a few years ago when I began writing again.  I sort of needed to remember the feeling of a finished project, and it’ll be new to all you darlings who haven’t read it yet. Enjoy! xo Jesi   The Sacrifice by Jessica Scott     It’s a simple scene. In […]

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Life Goes On

Hello, my Darlings. Life throws you into a spin every now and then, and right now it’s my turn to be thrown off the merry-go-round. The last two weeks have been busier than I wanted them to be and will continue to be busy until after June 6th. There have been band concerts and school […]


Do Not Open…

Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, an envelope appeared on my refrigerator: Do you see what it says? Do not open until my birthday 2015. Now, I know who put this up, and that person has been coming in every night, pointing to it, and saying “make sure you don’t open this until 5/13/2015”. […]